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Did you want to get extra functionality in the Instagram Pro Apk application? InstaPro APK is the greatest and most recent version of the original Instagram app, offering lots of extra features that satisfy user demands and are absent from the original.

App NameInstagram APK
Latest VersionV10.75
File Size70 MB
Total Downloads1 Billlion+
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Moreover, it allows users to create content, grow their reputation, and increase their followers without facing any difficulties. This fantastic platform gives you fame because it allows you to create followers and use extra and fantastic features of the app. People can freely communicate with each other and their followers by using the messaging part and also comment on the posts of others without facing any difficulties. If you are thinking about the security and assurance of the app, then don’t be worried because this app is based on a high security system that protects your device and data from exploitation. In this detailed article, we will discuss the app, its fantastic and interesting key features, the downloading process, FAQs, and a lot more.

What is the InstaPro APK?

instapro is the most recently released and premium version of the original application, Instagram APK. SamMod is the developer and publisher of the app to provide extra and additional key features to fulfill the needs and requirements of users. If you want to get instant fame and reputation, then you must join this fantastic application and enjoy the unlimited and extra features. This wonderful and attractive application has brought about a revolution in the field of social media platforms. By using this app, you can connect with the world and follow people around the globe. Due to the extra and additional functionality and flexibility of the app, it has gained a quick popularity among people around the world.

Furthermore, you can grow your brand and business because people around the world are connected to this app. It allows you to increase your followers by following other people, in this way, your brand will flourish within a short time period. You have the ability to upload images, videos, and reels, and to edit them with the incredible themes and filters. Because it permits you to download an infinite number of images and videos, you are free to download other people’s pictures and videos. If you choose not to follow and communicate with someone, you can also choose to block them. It gives the assurance and reliability of the app, which shows that it is based on a high security system that protects your information and data from hackers and scammers. So, download this fantastic app, on your device and have a great time with your followers.

Features of the InstaPro APK



Download media 

In the original version of Instagram, you can enjoy videos, images, and stories but can not save them. Using the latest version of InstaPro, users can download their favorite videos on their mobile phones and watch them without an internet connection. 

Enjoy strong privacy 

This charming app has powerful privacy features, such as watching and saving reels without sending any notification to the sender. You can also hide your online status and read recipients. This is an outstanding feature of this modified version of Instagram that you can enjoy for free.

Copy the text and comments  

InstaPro APK has introduced a feature by which users can copy the comments and text from the app and use it to share with other people or save the content. By doing so, users can improve their ability to give engaging comments to other users’ videos. 

Sharing large files 

This advanced version of Instagram Pro allows its users to share unlimited files with other apps directly. You are not restricted from sharing large files and videos at the same time. In the old version, users could share limited video and pictures with others. 

Anti-banned application 

This interesting social media app is anti which means that by using any third-party app, your account will never be banned on Instagram. There are many other apps that you can use to entertain yourself but these are getting banned by using any third-party tool. 

Watch full profile-picture 

By using the latest version of InstaPro, you can watch the profiles of other users completely and analyze what their weak and strong points are. By using this amazing font, you can add strong points to your profile and make it more professional and active. This feature features users not enjoyed in the original version of InstaPro. 

Run multiple accounts 

Instagram has the amazing feature that you can run multiple accounts at the same time and on the same device without facing any restrictions. In this way, users are not required to purchase other devices to manage their multiple accounts. 

Understanding multiple languages 

Instagram is used by millions of people from different areas of the world. There are many people who can not understand the English language and enjoy its charming features. But with the modified version of InstaPro APK, users can enjoy the comments and text in different languages. So, any user will not face difficulty while using this exciting app and its functional features. 

Manage your followers

In this interesting app, you can manage your followers and check the list to see which one is following you back. If anyone does not follow you back, then you can easily unfollow them. Users can also analyze which of your followers have unfollowed you and check their details. In this way, you will come to know the reason why followers are unfollowing you and overcome your mistakes. 

Check the advanced analysis 

By using the latest version of InstaPro, users can analyze the engagement rate, follower growth, comment ratio, audiancedemograpgics and many others. This is an exciting feature of this version that you cannot enjoy on any other social media platforms. 

Helping users post 

InstaPro APK helps users post on a daily basis by scheduling the time. By using this charming attribute, you are not required to take your precious time to post at a particular time. You have to create your post for months, make a schedule and grow your account. 

Use different fonts and themes 

This charming app provides you with many fonts and themes that you can use to customize your profile more attractively. You can use all these features without paying any charges or having any problems. You can use as many layouts as you are required to make your profile professionally. 

Customize grid layouts 

By using the InstaPro APK, users can customize the grid layouts because it is very straightforward. By using these charming features, you can use different designs for posts and profiles. 

Free from boring ads 

The latest version of InstaPro APK has blocked all the third-party ads so that you can enjoy the reels and stories of your contacts without being annoyed. Users were facing this problem in the old version of Instagram and wasting their time. In this way, users can get a smooth and calm user experience that gives them a better and more amusing experience. 

App Lock

To provide extra reliability and security to users’ data and information, this app offers the amazing feature of app lock. There are three types of app locks, including patterns, passwords, and fingerprints. It allows you to choose your favorite and preferred lock and save your app because, in this way, no one can see your app. 

Instagram Pro Apk

What is Insta Pro 2?

Intapro 2 is a third-party device that is developed by third-party members to use its premium features for free. Let us know about what is Insta pro2. “Instapro2” is not rocket science it is the second name Instapro. Both these apps and functions are the same but the main difference is only in their package name.  The original Instagram package name is com. Instagram. android.If users use both regular Instagram and Insta Pro on one device, they see that these devices have three different package names com. insta, com. instapro, and com.instapro2. Com.instapro2 is the second name of Insta Pro 2, If you want to use Original Instagram or Pro Insta then you need to download Insta Pro and Insta Pro 2 APK.

What is Instagram APK

Instagram APK is a safe, secure, and modified version of Instagram developed by third-party developer SamMods. In this digital era, education become very easy, many online businesses and office work are done at home, and many things through this online system. Many social media apps play a vital role in this field as we know, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram. Today, we talk about the most famous application that name is Instagram, how to download it, and all its features in detail.

Instagram Pro Apk

Instagram or Instapro Official is used to share videos, images, reels, and stories, and for business. This application is completely free, safe, and secure from malware and other viruses. Users use it on both Android and iPhone devices. On Instagram Apk people follow their favorite personalities, Brands, Influencers, and their social media groups. More than 5 Billion people use this application for just entertainment. In India, 362 million people use Instagram. In the United States, there are 169 million users, and in Brazil, there are 134 million. Indonesia, Turkey, and Japan come next on the list. This shows the popularity of this device.

What is Instagram Pro APK?

Instagram Pro APK download is a dynamic advanced application with many fantastic features not available in the Original Application. You can use multiple accounts in a single app. It is a super helpful app when you have lots of Instagram pro apk accounts. Normally, switching between accounts in one app can be a pain. But in the InstaPro app, it is easy. You can use it alongside in regular Instagram app and manage all your accounts without any trouble. It has some other features as you can send images in full resolution and HD format. You can directly download GTV videos and also share them. You can also lock the app.

What are the special features of Instagram APK?

Instagram Pro Apk

There are some special features of InstaPro Apk which are given below:

  • Dark Mode
  • Change Font Style
  • Direct Messaging
  • Notifications
  • Live Streaming
  • Copy Bio
  • View Unfollowed
  • Chat Screen Edit
  • Activate Video Fast
  • Zoom Photos
  • Double-click to Like
  • App Logo
  • Enable Third-party Links
  • IGTV

New Features of Instagram Pro APK 2024

Chat Screen

You can customize the Chat Screen by using some fantastic features such as amazing or trending Wallpaper, Background Colors, Text Colors, and Font Style. You can make your Chat screen more attractive to other people.

Privacy Like GBWhatsApp

Instapro Modified version has outstanding features like GBWhatsap. Gb Whatsapp people can hide their status same as in the Instapro app people also hide their status, Typing Status, and Last Seen status.  People also download and watch the status of people without knowing them.

Improve Photo Quality

When you upload a (HD) high-quality image on Instagram Pro APK. It is often compressed into a lower-quality version. But with this feature, you can maintain the original high-quality performance of your photos by disabling Instagram’s compression.

View Stories Hide

If anyone uploads a story or vedio you have the authority to show or hide the story that you have viewed or not. You can also hide your images and profile pictures if you want to secure them from anyone.

App Locking

It has the option to hide your videos and images and people have very important data in their Instapro app that want to save and secure it. Some people download another app to lock the app. But the Instapro APK app provides us with a fantastic feature of app locking. You need to simply, Turn on the option of simple way app locking for Insta Pro. And it applies app lock in your Instapp.

Typing status Hide

When people chat with their friends, relatives, or anyone a notification shows the other person that the user type a message with whom they chat. But if you want to hide this typing status, you need to enable this feature.

Live Streaming

Many famous people and Instagrammers use this feature and broadcast live video content to their followers. Many businessmen launch their products and make Question-answer live sessions with their clients. 

Ads-Free Enable

Sometimes we watch videos, reels, and images and suddenly ads show this time which creates disturbance for us. But don’t worry int his feature you won’t face this type of issue. This Instpro app provides us with an excellent user experience and you can watch unlimited videos, reels, and story-type content without any issues. InstaPro is enabled from ads.

Download Setting

This app allows you to download images, videos, and statuses that you can upload to your Instagram pro-Apk status. You can copy and save all your friend’s statuses and save them in your mobile gallery in the name of a separate folder. In simple whatsapp, people download different apps from the Play Store to save status. But sometimes Insta videos do not have direct download links in this condition user can download their favorite videos or reels in Vidmate APK or the Instadownloder app. 

Unfollowing Tracker

This Pro Insta app alerts you and gives a notification when one of your followers unfollows you. In normal Instagram people do not see how to follow or unfollow them.

Support multiple languages

The latest InstaPro app supports multiple languages or international languages. If you do not speak English then you can choose another language option. You can choose different languages like English, Urdu, French, Telugu, Chinese, and Kannada.

Add more Accounts

InstaPro allows you to add more than one account in a single app. You can add two or more accounts in one app and use more accounts in different Profile pictures. You need to verify yourself by different numbers and use them easily on your Android devices.

How to Use to Instagram Pro APK

InstaPro APK is like a special version of Instagram, but it has many advanced features. Users can run multiple accounts on a single Instagram application. Due to its amazing features people easily manage these accounts in a single app. Now, you don’t need to keep logging in and out or struggle to switch between profiles. This Instapro-modified application has many advanced features that we can’t use in normal Instagram.

Instagram Pro Apk

In the InstaPro app, you can directly like and save IGTV videos, share HD-quality images, and videos, and download stories, reels, and shorts. All these features are free of cost and safe. InstaPro APK also provides us with many features free, such as you can change the background theme of your messages and easily copy the text from any bio. You can also adjust the fonts, toggle the double-tap to like feature, privately download your own story with music, app locking, free ads, hide status, copy comments, and enjoy some other features.

Benefits OF InstaPro APK

Instagram Pro Apk

  1. Insta Pro 2 APK allows you to use both single and multiple hashtags, which helps you find and engage with more content easily.
  2. This app allows you to hide or show the status and posts that makes it perfect.
  3. Like Whatsapp Users can easily choose to share their stories only with specific accounts and set privacy with the other person with whom they don’t want to share their status.
  4. You can easily watch the number of likes and comments right below every post, and also see the popularity of the post.
  5. This platform also allows everyone to see the comments and likes. These likes and comments create more interaction between users.
  6. You can organize and highlight posts by using some specific hashtags, that make it easier to categorize content simply and efficiently.
  7. Insta Pro 2 APK is also an official Instagram app due to its privacy features.
  8. Insta Pro has better customization options.
  9. You can translate the comments and captions that are given below on the posts and videos.
  10. It has some app lock features for added security. But You can zoom in on profile pictures easily.

Pros and Cons of the InstaPro APK

Instagram Pro Apk


  • This application helps you a lot to boost your personality as well as your business.
  • It offers unlimited and extra key features that are not present in the original app.
  • Uploading your photos and videos to this platform will not cause you any trouble at all in promoting yourself. 
  • You can interact with your friends and followers by using the app’s messaging function and by posting feedback on other people’s posts. 
  • Additionally, you can easily download your preferred movies and pictures with it.
  • It gives you a smooth and calm user experience because it gives you an ad-free experience. 


  • It requires a strong and fast internet connection to download this app.
  • This app is not available on the Google Play Store and users find it difficult to search for it.

Additional Points of InstaPro

  • Famous social media platforms
  • Safe and secure
  • Boost your business
  • Upload your photos and videos
  • Free to download and use
  • Anti-banned application
  • Free from boring and disturbing ads
  • Use multiple accounts of the Instagram app
  • Get fame 
  • Increase your followers
  • App lock facility
  • Premium unlock features

Comparison Insta Pro Vs Original Instagram

Instagram Pro Apk

There are some main differences between regular Instagram and Instagram Pro. That you can easily understand with the help of a table to compare them quickly.

FeatureInsta ProInstagram
DND Mode
Calls Disable
File Sending Limit999MB100MB
Forwarding LimitUnlimited Chats5 Chats
Status Length255139
Auto Message
Bulk Message
Online Status
Custom Font
Security Lock
Icon Change

How to download the InstaPro APK on Android

Instagram Pro Apk

  • It requires a strong and fast internet connection to download this amusing app.
  • Now, go to your favorite or official website and navigate to the app.
  • After locating the app, search for the download button and hit this button.
  • Now, it’s time to go to your device settings and click on the unknown sources to download the app.
  • After that, hit the pop-up install button and wait for a few moments because it takes time.
  • Finally, the app is ready to open. Open it and enjoy your fast growing followers.

How do users download the InstaPro APK on iOS

Instagram Pro Apk

  • This application installment requires a strong and fast internet connection.
  • Now, download the IPA file on USB and connect the iPhone and USB to the computer.
  • Next, find the app by searching through the App Store.
  • Once the app has been found, click the download button and open your device’s settings to allow unknown sources.
  • You will be presented with an installation option; select it and then be patient as the installation process may take several minutes to finish. 
  • Finally, the app is ready to open. Open it and start enjoying fame and followers.

How to Download InstaPro on PC?

Instagram Pro Apk

If you mostly use a PC or window and want to use Instapro In your PC, Desktop, or Window. Here we will straightforward guide you through the complete process:

  • First, download Bluestack Emulator software, It is a third-party tool that allows you to download all Android apps on your PC or Desktop.
  • When  Emulaot is downloaded click on the application and open it.
  • Open the Bluestack app and search in the search bar” InstaPro” app. Press ‘Yes’ or simply press the Enter key to move forward.
  • A list of Instagram Pro Apk for PC versions shows and you need to select the desired version which you want.
  • Click on this install button and in a few seconds it is installed on your PC or MAC.


Q. No. 1: Is it achievable for users to use different Instagram accounts or versions of Instagram at once?

Ans. Yes, you are able to use multiple accounts simultaneously on the same device.

Q. No. 2: Why is this app favored and preferred by people instead of the original app?

Q. No. 3: Are there any costs connected with its utilization?

Q. No. 4: Is it permitted to utilize this app version?

Q. No. 5: Will my account get banned by using InstaPro?

Q. No. 6: Can we use InstaPro on iPhone?

Q. No. 7: Is InstaPro Safe to Use?

How to Update InstaPro APK Latest Version

Instagram Pro

To the instapro download the latest version of the Insta Pro app go to this webpage and scroll down. Here you find the Insta Pro download latest version v10.45 of Instagram Pro Apk.

  • You need to enable the unknown resources from your Android device. For this go to the setting> security and enable it.
  • Click on the download button and download it.
  • Go to your mobile manager, find the downloaded Instagram Pro Apk file, and click on it.
  • Click on the install button and install it. 
  • Congratulation! The latest version of Instapro is installed on your Android device.

What are the requirements of the InstaPro APK?

Instagram Pro Apk

  • This wonderful app needs a robust and steady internet connection to be downloaded to your device.
  • This wonderful and fantastic app requires 100 MB of free space to download, which is not a major issue.
  • You must grant access to your gallery in order for the app to know where it is.
  • For the device identity, access to the external storage is necessary.

Is It Safe To Use Insta Pro APK?

Instagram Pro Apk

The security of Instagram Pro Apk download depends upon you. Let me explain why. Sometimes people download it from any unofficial, fake site that shows their old or wrong, insecure version. When the user opens this unsecured app, face some issues. The best solution is that you download it from our official website which provides you the Latest version of Insta Pro Apk download 2024. In this way, you can be safe from fraud and unofficial sites.


To put it briefly, the Instagram Pro Apk is the greatest and most recent version of the original Instagram app, offering lots of extra features that satisfy user demands and are absent from the original. With users connecting to this app from all over the world, you can share your images and videos on this platform and gain immediate notoriety. Additionally, this platform allows you to expand and grow your brands and business. Furthermore, the app has become well-known quickly because of its additional features and adaptability. The robust security system that underpins this wonderful app guards your information and data from fraudsters and hackers. Thus, enjoy notoriety and fame by downloading this app on your device and following the instructions above.InstaPro is a modified version of Instagram that has amazing features. People share images, videos, reels, and stories. It gives you more privacy options and helps you to avoid annoying ads. It removes all the annoying limitations set by Meta, so you can use the platform freely. The user interface is intuitive, making it easy to navigate. Best of all, it’s constantly updated by the developer, SamMods. It’s like Instagram, but better, and it’s completely free to use.

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